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About famous historical figures created many films, and such a character as Napoleon Bonaparte, who brought a lot of trouble in the early 19th century, our ancestors, is no exception. So there was another movie, where attention is paid to the development of his political and military career, as well as its decline until his death on the island of St. Helena. This character was one of the greatest adventurers of the last centuries, who by his decisions and actions was able to turn the course of history in Europe. You can treat him differently, but the creators of this film managed to show this character's human traits and cause sympathy and empathy among the audience. That is why the picture came to many taste, and it can be attributed to the best works dedicated to Napoleon. During his life he only who neither had called, including he was a General, Consul, Emperor, and at the end of his life he became a prisoner had no right to leave his place of detention. A sad ending, and a real pity for the hero. But it is necessary to understand that the brilliant path can end in this way, and not only monuments and songs of praise. This film will appeal to those who are interested in history and who will be interested to learn more about the personality of Bonaparte.

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