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Original Title: Neighborhood’s Hero
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Crime
Channel: OCN
Description: Park Si Yun hides that had previously worked undercover agent on a at least a secret organization. The truth of his former colleagues still remember how he was a great worker. The protagonist in the workplace was known as a true professional, a perfect machine that performs any task without any problems and difficulties. Now, in order to secure a reliable protection, Xi Yong decides to open a bar called "the neighborhood"! There he and the director, and the barman and waiter! In general, it begins a completely different life. Permanent bar visitors become real friends of the protagonist. They often tell the emotional stories, each of which touches the soul of the hero. However, most Yuen tied to one simple guy, who works part-time. He just wants to work in the police officer wants to grow up, but the current situation does not help him. Then Pak Si Yoon looks back on his past work! He decides to help a young guy to fight crime and to become a real cop. Uneasy everyday life begin. The protagonist must not only teach his friend, but also the most difficult to remember all the tricks work.

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