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  • Drama
The plot of the historical series takes the viewer back to 1680. The four main characters were once separated by the Atlantic ocean. They are all unique personalities, different from each other, but there is something that unites them – an idea. They are brave warriors who fight for injustice. In many countries, oppression and injustice are the norm, but the heroes do not intend to tolerate it. They want to fix the situation. Even if there is an opportunity to change at least something, they intend to hit the road.
Heroes go in search of a bright future, which may seem distant, but still achievable. In that ideal world, there will be no permanent humiliations and insults, which are not uncommon in the modern world. Let such an idea may seem utopian to many, do not consider it an obstacle. In addition, the young brave heroes are determined to realize all their plans for the future bright life. They deserve to win their rightful place to live. Having overcome all obstacles and obstacles heroes will find the key to their happiness. They will be able to restore justice and achieve the desired goals.

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