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Sir Thomas More wrote the book Utopia in 1516, which is still often discussed today. At the time, he spoke of a fictional island called Utopia, living on the people of satisfaction and there is a system full of equality and socialism. Since then, many attempts have been made to implement Mores vision into reality and create the ideal society. John de Mol created the idea to put several pioneers over a certain time in a confined space in order to create a new world. In Germany this format appears under the name Newtopia.    The concept of Newtopia    In Newtopia a group of 15 different people meet each other, who in King Wusterhausen in Brandenburg a barn and around it preferred landscape. In the area there are, among others, a pond with fish, trees, yielding fields, two cows and several chickens. There are no rules except the ones fixed by the group itself. They also have access to a phone, which they are allowed to have contact with the outside world. A water and an electricity are available but need to be connected. The entry fee that can output at the beginning of the group are 5000 euros. If the money is used up, the group must come up with new ways to make money or to get food.    Every month, one of the pioneers Utopia must leave. After three of the inhabitants are nominated, two potential new residents come to that, one of which may remain. This new one has the power to determine, who the three nominees Utopia behind and must return to reality. If the group is able to build an ideal society? Will there be hierarchy or a democracy? Find the different people there their luck or the experiment a failure? (LM)

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