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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Starring Yves Harlow, Fernanda Andrade, John Slattery and others. Directed by Tim Hunter. The series will tell us about the project "Next", created in a huge corporation in Silicon Valley. This is a self-learning AI program by Paul LeBlanc, founder of a high-tech company. At one time, Paul, moving away from society and even from his own daughter Abby, worked hard to create powerful technological innovations that could change the world. But he soon realized the dangers that such programs could pose and stopped his research. However, to the great surprise of the scientist, someone secretly continued to work on his project. At some point, the Next program got out of control, and Paul realizes that he cannot stop its actions. Moreover, now his hands are tied, as his brother Ted exiles him from his own company. But Paul understands that if artificial intelligence is not stopped, it can pose a colossal threat to humanity, and the first people who have become victims of cyber attacks have already died. To achieve the goal, the inventor of the project involves a hacker and a professional criminal. At this time, artificial intelligence gains freedom and begins to act independently, relying on its knowledge of the human world. The main weapon of the Next program is ourselves. And if artificial intelligence is connected to the global web of the Internet, then it can cause a large-scale disaster. Will the FBI's cybercrime department, led by Special Agent Salazar, with whom Paul collaborates, neutralize Next's artificial intelligence and save the world from danger?

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