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Iceland in 1869: In the port is a stranger to the country, which brings great excitement to the small town. On their farm Möðruvellir twelve years old Nonni and his eight year old brother Manni hope that it is her father who returns home after many years. And indeed! The man comes to them on the court. He introduces himself as Harald Helgarsson, a friend of the missing father. And he must take every hope the two boys and their mother Sigrid. Her father is dead and will never return. Harald wants to help the boy to cope with this blow. He takes a job with Bauer Sigurd to be near them to. He incurred the displeasure of the merchant Magnus Hansson who wants to get married Sigrid and sees a competitor in Harald. One day, the body of the rich Bauerns is found, Harald gets no accident on suspicion of murder and must flee to the mountains. Nonni and Manni are all on his side, but Sigrid does not know to whom they believe: their children or Magnus Hansson, who warns again of the stranger. When the two boys Harald want to visit in his hiding place, suddenly appear persecutors and the two have to flee. After that they disappeared from the earth. Harald secretly involved in the search, but did not succeed. In the end it is the merchant Hansson, who brings back her desperate mother. And when falls the winter, there's no way to contact Harald for Nonni and Manni. Therefore, the joy is all the greater when they meet him by chance at Christmas time. He wants to finally ask the bailiff, and defending his innocence. Nonni, Manni and Sigrid stand by him. For Hansson time is running out, he must be silenced at last the stranger. Nonni and Manni rush ahead of him in the mountains to warn Harald before this scoundrel. When suddenly a volcano erupts, not only get the two boys in mortal danger.

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