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Original Title: NOS4A2
Channel: AMC
Creators: Joe Hill,Jami O'Brien
Language: English
Description: Under this motto, the mystical television series “Country of Christmas” was released, the idea of ​​creating which came to Jamie O'Brien's mind when he caught sight of Joe Hill's third novel, “NOS4A2” (pronounced “Nosferatu”), published on April 30, 2013- year by the American publishing company William Morrow and Company. According to the plot of the novel, the story begins to unfold in December 2008, near Christmas. In the prison hospital, in the long-term care ward, for seven years now, lies in a coma Charlie Mensk. It is this man who is a terrible creature, who was convicted of the atrocities committed by him in relation to young children. The nurse, whose duties it was charged to monitor such patients, for all the time she worked in the infirmary, had already memorized all the personal stories of the convicts, and tried not to remember what they had done. Sometimes she did it, but when she entered the room where "this" was lying, the woman could not erase from her memory what he was doing with the children, who were as old as her son. Moreover, the look of Charlie Manks was simultaneously horrifying and disgusting, and she could not do anything about it. Charlie Mansk horror in the flesh, feeding on the souls of young children, he has returned and now, he threatens all of humanity ... In her memoirs, Victoria McQueen sometimes returns 22 years ago when she, a nine-year-old “kid”, managed for the very first time to rush along a strange bridge thrown across Merrimack, between the Lost and the Found. Then she discovered in herself an amazing ability to find lost things. Vick didn’t tell anyone about the bridge incident, but occasionally she would visit him to find the lost things. But after the incident with the lost cat, the girl almost stopped going there.

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