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Original Title: NOVA
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Language: English
Description: Fortitude - the so-called small arctic town located in the north of Svalbard. Here, cold winters, very short summer, most of the year the town is buried in snowdrifts. The harsh climate and left its mark on the character of the locals. Citizens live quite amicably. Among them are scientists, ordinary workers, miners, teachers, doctors and even the famous local photographer. In principle, there can be, apart from the fact that the line of the town from time to time may wander into a huge white bear. For settlement limits is better not to go - from the great white predators escape is almost impossible without a rifle. Despite all the difficulties, place it in its own attractive and lit a special charm. Therefore, the governor of the city comes up with a brilliant idea - the ice build a modern hotel, which would bring considerable income to the treasury. However, rebelling against the proposal almost all local scientists - the crowd will definitely outsiders interfere with their research work. Soon Fortitude brutally murdered Charlie scientist. Who and why needed a death researcher? All the answers you get, if you look online exciting psychological thriller British filmmakers "Fortitude."

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