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Not long ago, the Yu clan lived a quiet and peaceful life and tried to make their plans a reality. The fact that this clan was quite unusual. Its representatives were able to fly, but because they are equated with deities, which allowed the clan to become proud. He moved high into the mountains and not only well settled there, but also intend to build a magnificent castle, which will not have anyone else. They are confident that they will all be jealous and like the situation they even liked. But not everyone was happy about the construction of the castle and the fact that the clan acted. there are Those who decide to break all the plans of the clan and destroy the castle they have been building for so long. No one knows who really is behind this all, but in trying to find someone who will be responsible for everything that happened, they decide to blame the beautiful girl. Only here the ruler understands that not everything is so simple in fact and that the girl is certainly not to blame. And when he finds out everything, then realizes with horror that someone benefits between them there was a war, which will force you to shed a huge amount of blood and undermine the trust of the clan members to each other. Will the ruler be able to prevent this or will he not be able to stop anything?

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