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Original Title: Oasis
Channel: Amazon
Language: English
Description: An exciting, adventure story based on a cult novel that became a famous bestseller, author Michel Faber called"the Book of strange new things". The film will immerse the viewer with his head in the extraordinary, fantastic worlds of the near future, in which there are no obstacles for Homo sapiens...In the midst of rapidly developing events is the main character-a passionate man who is a priest. Time of action – the near future, which became possible a lot. In particular, people have easily learned to enjoy intergalactic travel. Before the active and interested guy opens bright and exciting horizons in connection with the mission entrusted to him extremely responsible. The fact that far from the Earth found a planet whose climatic conditions allow a person to survive there. In the light of this revolutionary discovery, there is armed expedition, whose main aim will be to study the planet, and the establishment there of the first colonies with the voluntary settlers, who will initiate the birth of civilization in this mysterious place. And our brave Holy father goes on this exciting journey, not knowing what he will turn this voyage, during which his faith, principles and views will be repeatedly tested for strength. And the approach to being has all the chances to change dramatically...

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