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  • Drama
A dramatic multi-part Thriller about the socio-political problems of the modern world from Director Jon Andreas Andersen and screenwriter Karianna Lund. The main roles were played by Henrik Mestad and Eldar Scar.In Norway comes to power a new Prime Minister. He considers his first duty as a politician to lead the country to the championship in the field of modern energy. He proposes to suspend the production of oil and gas, and then begin the development of thorium reactors. Thus, there will be a smooth transition to greener methods, which, nevertheless, pose a threat to the world's oil companies. Such hasty actions deprive Norway of external support, and America chose to ignore the problems and concerns of the continent, abandoning any allied obligations. No political pressure was able to dissuade the Norwegian government, so Russia and the European Union decide to start more severe methods. Initially, the stubborn and intractable Prime Minister is penetrated by negotiators from the East, who are trying to persuade the unwavering Scandinavians to resume fuel production, and then there is a kidnapping of a politician. What will eventually end this world's energy problem? This is an action-Packed and dynamic film about the weakness of modern social democracy in Europe, as well as the unwillingness to die for illusory freedom and their ideals.

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