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The series will tell the dramatic story of a young man named Dagan, who planned to become a doctor, but did not have time to finish training: as a result of a false accusation of murder, the guy was put in prison, received a life sentence. On the eve of his wedding, Dagan seriously quarreled with the bride's father, an influential wealthy man who was strongly against the marriage of his daughter, considering the young man not worthy of her hand. In the midst of a quarrel, the girl's father openly stated that the guy takes her to wife only because of the money and throw as soon as they run out, to which the angry groom in a fit of emotions abruptly replied that for such words he would kill him. On the wedding day the guy suddenly disappears and won't come out, and some time later, the bride's father is shot and killed. In the evening, an unsuspecting guy who claims that he was injected with a drug, which he does not remember anything, is detained by the police. Soon our hero is charged with murder, after which he was sentenced to death.After 11 years in prison, where Dagan is serving his sentence, suddenly comes a young girl-a lawyer who met with our hero, confidently tells him that she found evidence to prove his innocence.

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