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  • Drama
The plot of the drama series"1001 night", a woman named Scheherazade Evliyaoglu. After her husband died in a car accident, the heroine alone has to raise her son Kaan. As a talented architect, Scheherazade manages to get a job in a large construction holding. Because according to the rules of the holding company staff is prohibited to have children, she will have to conceal the truth about the existence of his son. Despite the quibbles from the Director Onur Aksal, Scheherazade very quickly proves his professionalism, and even wins several tenders for the company. The life of the heroine began to gradually improve, but everything begins to crumble after her son is diagnosed with leukemia. Scheherazade does not find a place, because to save the child she needs to find 200 thousand dollars. She decides to seek help from the parents of the deceased spouse, but they refuse, because at the time were against their marriage. On the advice of a friend Scheherazade goes to ask for money to his Director, but he makes her an unexpected offer…

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