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Justice is impartial — we are told from TV screens, but that's a depressing statistic suggests otherwise. Hundreds of thousands of accused have already suffered from the mistakes of the judicial system, which continues to detain innocent people. The plot of the detective-crime series is closely intertwined with almost ineradicable phenomenon. Teacher Markus creates a specific course in the Department of law under the loud and talking name"Plead not guilty". Educating students about an important problem, the teacher selects the most inquisitive visitors fascinating lectures, stand out remarkable intelligence, and then involves them in the investigation of the most famous current and already closed cases in which law-abiding citizens were behind bars or they were only threatened with arrest.Everything is run by an aging experienced mentor who has an amazing flair and intuitive vision, which in combination allow you to accurately determine the innocence or involvement of a person in a crime. Aware of the complexity of challenging the decision already made, a close-knit team is ready for difficulties and obstacles. The magnificent series will allow together with heroes to unravel fascinating intricate intricacies of the most complex legal disputes, and also to bring villains to clean water.

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