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Original Title: Outback Truckers
Channel: 7mate
Language: English
Description: Informative, funny and entertaining cartoon enjoy not only every child, but any adult and impress. See the online animated series "Christopher Columbus" with the children, and this time you will remember for a long time. Tell a child to historical facts and events so that it is not bored, very difficult. But this excellent job creators of the series. The light and playful form they presented the children one of the most interesting stories - the story of Columbus' journey. It would seem the story of how the "accident" was opened on the whole continent, known to all children, but in fact many events remain "behind the scenes". After watching the show, you will learn many interesting details, get to know the brave heroes and really discover a new country. Italian cartoon animated series and draws a picture and story. All series look interesting and fun, while developing and teaching moments also helpful for each child. If you want adventure, go after them with the main characters of the cartoon!

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