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Original Title: Pacific Heat
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: The Comedy Channel,Netflix
Creators: Santo Cilauro
Language: English
Description: The main characters of the series "Tragedy in Waco" are members of the sect "branch of David", who live in Texas. The community, which has existed since the 30s of XX century, has long attracted the attention of the police. There were rumors that members of the sect are kept in it against their own will. Many thought that members of sect use drugs and prepare act of terrorism.however, the local inhabitants of the town have long been accustomed to the sect. In a huge ranch, which belonged to the family sidekick people lived whole families. Here, raised children, got married and held their own 1993, residents of the ranch where the community headquarters was located were suspected of violating the law on the storage and use of weapons. However, members of the sect refused to let representatives of special services into the territory of the began the siege of mount Carmel ranch, which was destined to go down in history. For fifty days the police tried to enter the territory of the community residence. During the storming of the building, 80 members of the community were killed, including 20 children. Also the death of four Federal agents, and the case itself turned into a months-long trials for all participants.a sect leader named Koresh refused to surrender and also died on the ranch grounds. The community was beheaded and literally destroyed. However, the locals suddenly divided on what had happened. Many claimed that only the police were to blame for the deaths. The testimony of survivors testified to the same: the use of special gas has led to the fact that the building caught fire and people died in the fire.rnBut what was the reality? Why did the members of the sect refuse to leave their residence, and did they violate the law? About all this the audience will be able to learn from the new series "Waco".

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