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Original Title: Pastewka
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: SAT.1
Creators: Chris Geletneky,Sascha Albrecht,Moritz Netenjakob,Oliver Welke
Description: Post-apocalyptic dystopia Tim Fehlbaum "2016: End of the Night" is another version of the story about the end of the world. At this time, the filmmakers decided to abandon the costly special effects depicting pictures of the destruction of the planet. In the center of attention - the problem of moral choice of heroes in a brutal struggle for survival. In 2016, before finally extinguished, the sun rose to epic proportions and burned out the whole earth, turning it into a lifeless desert. Two sisters, Marie and Lyon, along with his companions and Tom Philip, exhausted from the heat, fatigue and uncertainty keep the way to the mountains, where there should be water. But not scorching sun, lack of food and water are their most terrible enemies. The incredible human capacity for adaptation can withstand even such formidable forces of nature. The danger comes from other people, who in his quest to survive plunged into darkness callousness, brutality and malice. The main characters fall into the deadly trap, become prisoners of those who have lost a human face. The price they have to pay to get out of it?

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