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Original Title: Perception
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: TNT
Creators: Kenneth Biller,Michael Sussman
Language: English
Description: Brian mills-an experienced soldier, a man who used to kill enemies on the battlefield, without thinking about the morality of their actions. He easily gets a promotion, is in good standing with the authorities, but in an instant everything changes. The sister of the protagonist accidentally dies because of the influential boss of the drug Empire Carlos Mejia.rnSeething with rage and revenge, the protagonist throws in the army and arranged for the CIA. The government structure may need Brian's skills, because he is considered a real killing machine. Mills doesn't care about politics, he doesn't care about the future of the country. All the main character can think about is revenge. The CIA has also been trying to catch Carlos and put him in jail for a long time.rnDuring the execution of critical missions, the main character reveals a new, unexpected professional quality. It turns out that the killing machine also has an inquisitive mind. Strategist and cunning, Brian easily leads around the finger of his many enemies, turning into one of the best CIA agents.Once the long-awaited revenge takes place, the main character will have to think about what to do with his own life. A career in the CIA is extremely promising, but also incredibly dangerous. Every day Brian risks his life, kills people, watches over dangerous and powerful people all over the world. That's just the threat of this hangs not only over himself but over his few loved ones.the Service gives Mills not only the opportunity to realize their hidden talents in endless and extremely dangerous tasks, but also to arrange a personal life. He has a complicated relationship with Christina HART, another government agent. Kristina and Brian are constantly fighting, but still feel attracted to each other.Sooner or later, the main character will be face to face with mortal danger .with a mission that will force him to leave the service. However, this is still far away, and Brian will have time to catch a lot of scoundrels before you go to rest.

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