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Original Title: Personal Taste
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: MBC
Description: About to die and you'll understand what I was wonderful especially cute and so cold - Glue decided the heroine, Hannah, a lot did. Clay Jensen, meanwhile, lived like most people, solved life's problems, and constantly thought about the beautiful Hannah Baker, to which he did not dare to approach, neither at school nor then, did not tell her that cherished, most important. One day, he found a box near his house with his address and surname. The young man took it, took it home and printed it out, several audio cassettes were found inside. The guy took one, there is the familiar and native, her voice told terrible things - and why she killed herself. There were many reasons for such a terrible step, but it was the most important one... Where did the records, if the girl is dead, who and why brought them, is not she herself before death?

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