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Original Title: Pimp My Ride
Channel: MTV
Creators: Bruce Beresford-Redman,Rick Hurvitz
Language: English
Description: Matt Damon in the first film of the trilogy of the adventures of amnesiac ex-CIA. In Marseilles fishermen sometimes very strange catch. At this time of the waters of the Mediterranean, they learned a man with two gunshot wounds and sewn in the hip capsule with a bank account number in Zurich. The strangest thing in the discovery that the man does not remember anything about himself. Doctor in the port town gives money to a stranger on the road to Zurich because there the patient may find the answer to the question of who he is. The safety deposit box is a few passport in the name of Jason Bourne, a huge amount of money and weapons. After leaving the bank, Bourne is sent to the embassy, ??on the exit of which comes under police pursuit. He has to ask a girl, met by chance at the embassy, ??to take him to Paris, where, according to the documents, he lives. Born in the apartment waiting for the killer, but even he is not willing to share information with Born, for which he is being persecuted. It was at this time in the CIA headquarters know about the failure of the operation to destroy the former African leaders who now promises to make public information about their pursuers.

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