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Soaring in a balloon over the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, David Atteboro says that 10 years ago they were making a film with the same name. For quite a long period of time the crew has new technical capabilities and experience. In the new series they will show us the living world of planet Earth in a new way.We will visit all corners of the globe, follow the difficult path of animals on the way to survival. Lizards and crabs, monkeys and Golden eagles, snow leopards and mountain goats – they are so different, but all equally beautiful. Lizards fighting over a female – battle of the giants, they are ready to fight to the death just to fulfill its basic purpose – to continue the race. Crabs came out of the sea and live on land. To get offspring, they need to go a long way back to the salt water. 50 million red crabs go on a dangerous journey, not all reach.High in the mountains grows an amazing plant godson. On the night of his boxes closed, as if dying, but with the first rays of the sun, life returns.Only the strongest can survive among the majestic mountains and in the depths of the ocean, and watch the stories of the triumph of life we are lucky thanks to the unique work of the crew.

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