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Original Title: Playing House
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Jessica St. Clair,Lennon Parham
Language: English
Description: The slogan of this picture already tells us about who will be its Central characters – two friends and one child. And in fact, for the so far released on the screens of three seasons, the plot will revolve around the life of two faithful and old girlfriends - Maggie and Emma. They are completely different in nature, and their life is also different, despite the fact that they were born and grew up in the same place-on the outskirts of a pleasant town in Connecticut. Emma received a good education and was able to make a successful professional career, and she now has every chance of a radical change in his hateful environment with the opportunity to move to China. But she doesn't, and the reason is what happened to her close friend Maggie. The girl seems to be happily married, got pregnant, and soon to be born baby. But only after she hears the news of the betrayal of her beloved husband, she is more so cannot live and breed. The betrayal is too much for a pregnant woman. But she is not alone, because with it decides to live Emma, who gave up her career and work. The girl decides to help her loved one to raise a child, although in this she has zero experience. But nothing, together they will cope with everything,and the viewer will witness that.

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