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Original Title: Poltergeist: The Legacy
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Showtime
Creators: Richard Barton Lewis
Language: English
Description: Airport "Cincinnati" Passengers (Kentucky) witness a mysterious phenomenon: in the sky above the runway freezes unidentified flying object. The news instantly picked up by journalists and reporters, to the displeasure of federal agents, who want as much as possible to keep secret the details of the investigation. But there is a person whom even they can not cheat - Ekevaro Derek (Alex Sharp), a gifted student of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati. The guy from childhood fascinated by stories related to aliens, and dreams of one day to contribute to the search for an answer to the eternal question: Are we alone in the universe? The incident at the airport causes him to throw his studies and preparation for exams and all of his time to devote endless calculations and computations. The first thing Derek learns that the intelligence services have concealed information about the true size of UFOs - the object to be several times more than reported in the news. Soon he realizes that the aliens left a message to humanity, but to decrypt it only with the help of mathematical language.

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