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  • Drama
Italian television historical melodrama directed by Giulio Baze, telling about the famous ancient Roman city, buried under a layer of ash due to the eruption of mount Vesuvius in August 79 ad. The events of the picture take place shortly before the tragic natural phenomenon, which forever turned the once flourishing city into a lifeless wasteland. The majestic ancient city lives its ordinary measured life, noble patricians are busy with purely personal political issues, traders increase their wealth, soldiers are busy training, and slaves work for the benefit of their masters. Brother of one of the local slaves Valerie unreasonably accused of a serious crime-the murder of his master. He was placed in prison, where he had to wait for the verdict, separated from his pregnant wife. In love with Valerie Roman legionary mark is trying to help a slave in trouble, starting his own investigation into the death of a noble citizen. But an honest and noble warrior, trying to find evidence of the innocence of his beloved brother, unexpectedly learns a lot of unpleasant details about some residents of Pompeii, mired in intrigue, criminal connections and other dark secrets, rooted in the past.

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