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Original Title: Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Creators: Haim Saban,Judd Lynn
Description: The plot of the film "Damnation" develops in 30-e years in a small town in Iowa. Everything here is subordinated to an influential industrial magnate who has money, connections and position. He does not shy away from using crime only to silence those who disagree with his opinion. People who are intimidated by a powerful man are afraid to rebel.At this very moment a Set appears in the city. He appears to be a pastor who will carry the word of God in this backwoods town. The locals easily accept the pastor, telling him about all the hardships. However, Seth has nothing to do with the Church. In fact, he wants to overthrow that very powerful industrialist and prepare a rebellion. The number of followers of the protagonist increases, and he begins to plant the idea of the impossibility of oppression of the powerful.rnThat's just in the heat of the revolution, Seth doesn't notice that his ranks wormed his way into a traitor. Creeley Turner is also an industrialist. He promised his powerful patron that he would stop the impending uprising by any means. The mission of krill is to kill the pastor, to silence the one who causes confusion in the minds of ordinary citizens.however, Seth is smart. He doesn't let anyone in too quickly, continuing to raise the storm. In a small town there are crimes, people raise their heads long ago and begin to resent. But why the main character appeared here right now? What is he guided in the organization of such a mass revolt against a particular person?rnthe Brits are trying to find out anything about the past, a new guest of the town. In the end, it is rubbed into the trust to Seth and too moving closer to him. Now kill the troublemaker will not be so easy. And then there's the Brits love interest appears, and the situation gets completely, preventing him to act. Himself Seth has hit on, that in his ranks emerged a traitor, able on active and aggressive actions.

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