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Original Title: Privileged
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: The CW
Creators: Rina Mimoun
Language: English
Description: In a small German town life goes on as usual. Children attend school, adults go to work and try to cope with parental responsibilities. Four families have long been friends, because their children attend one school.however, a sudden tragedy disrupts the rhythm of life. Someone's kidnapping two 15-year-olds. Parents are shocked by what happened. They crave answers to their many questions, but the police are powerless. That is why parents of children have to conduct their own investigation.This is where it turns out that many years ago something like this was happening in the city. The killer executed several children, depriving adults of any hope for justice. Now everything points to the return of the criminal. But who is he, and what does he really want?Investigation allows residents of a small town to understand that the offender will not stop. He will continue to kidnap children, depriving the family of peace and sleep. The bodies of the first abductees have never been found, but the hope of their return is melting before our eyes. Footprints lead to the local forest, where the children disappeared, and where the offender may live.Four families who were considered happy a week ago are now plunged into a nightmare. The secrets of the past are resurrected, and cruel tortures are resumed. To get answers to their difficult questions, the main characters of the series "Dark" will have to look into the depths of their own consciousness and try to find answers to the accumulated questions.

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