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For years, there was a terrible war between the "Republic of Frost" and "Empire". A truce seems to turn the tide, but even years later, the people suffering from hunger, disease, destroyed infrastructure and unscrupulous profiteers. located, and many former soldiers who knew only the war together to form gangs and now drag plundering and murdering the country - they use for the military equipment that they just keep after the armistice. From normal weapons to battle tanks thus stands them heavy equipment available! To put this madness to an end, to protect the population and finally restore peace, the Empire has created a military task force: The Pumpkin Scissors! Under the direction of Lt. Alice Malvin, a young woman of noble house, which has just completed their training at the Military Academy recently to proceed the Pumpkin Scissors platoon against corruption, dangerous gangs and criminal activity. In one of their missions they face the hulking Randel Oland. It turns out that the gentle giant was once a soldier in the secret 901 ATT unit. Will he be forced to fight, he turns out to be a one-man army, drilled on destroying everything that stands in his way. Alice brings Randel the Team of the Pumpkin Scissors.

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