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  • Drama
What amazing surprises fate sometimes presents us. Kang Tae Ju is a rare seducer. He loves everything expensive and beautiful, and if in front of him two in one bottle, no power in the world will not stop him. The guy loves to flirt with rich girls. He is not ready to start a family yet, and a fleeting romance is just what it is worth striving for. Beauties are flattered by the attention of an impressive boyfriend, one or two dates, and the girl is crazy. That's only Tae-Ju has nothing to offer them in return, his heart cold and empty.Han Eun soo good and sweet, she used to trust. One day, when Tae Joo was returning from another meeting, near the door he saw the sleeping girl. Can't say he liked it. No one will argue with the statement that all meetings in life are not accidental.Cha, Hae Lin – the daughter of the owner of the trading house, Shin Joon-Hyuk is her half-brother. A few years ago, the family lived abroad, and young people were considered to be in love. When they returned to Korea, the young man began to avoid his sister. It could not tolerate such neglect and was preparing an insidious plan in which all would be involved.

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