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In the mini-series Rani - ruler of the heart is the adaptation of the comic of the same name. The story revolves around the woman Jolanne de Valcourt (Mylène Jampanoï). These lived in France in the 18th century. Viewed as aristocrats, they turned into the established circles of society and also leads a carefree life. However, a disagreement with her half-brother with disastrous consequences: Jolanne is of high treason accused the country and should pay their debt to her half-brother to death. To escape the death penalty, she fled from Europe to India. As part of the escape, they will be sold as a slave and prostitute and humiliated. Finally, it becomes the wife of a wealthy Rajah and experienced social advancement again. However Jolannes tireless will to survive is the result of insatiable revenge. And in order to get scares the tough woman back either before questionable methods, before relentless intrigue    Main Characters from Rani - ruler of hearts    Jolanne de Valcourt (Mylène Jampanoï) is the eponymous protagonist of the series. It is born as an illegitimate child of a nobleman and his servants. Since childhood Jolanne is despised by her half-brother Philippe. After Jolannes father died, Philippe leads a fatal intrigue into ways to create his half-sister out of the way.    Background information on Rani - ruler of hearts    The mini-series Rani - ruler of the heart based on the comic book on Rani of Jean Van Hamme. With a budget of 14 million euros, the French production was realized. Overall, Rani is - ruler of the Herzensie of eight episodes. Each individual sequence comprises around 55 minutes. As a director, acted Arnaud Sélignac, who has made in France already by numerous TV movies a name. Besides actress Mylène Jampanoï (known for films like Gainsbourg - The Man Who Loved Women) Jean-Hugues Anglade, Rémi Bichet and Olivier Sitruk and Yael Abecassis act in the series. Rani - ruler of hearts celebrated its premiere in Germany in the Franco-German cultural channel Arte. (MH)

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