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The focus of the series of the 16-year-old Ranma Saotome, a talented martial artist is. His father, Genma Saotome, already engaged him as an infant with one of the three daughters of his friend Soun Tendō to secure the continuation of the "all-is-possible-fighting school for fights of all kinds." The action starts with the arrival at the TENDO and the announcement of the deal. The choice ultimately falls to the youngest daughter, Akane Tendō. Henceforth, the Saotomes also live in the TENDO, also said fighting school is their lot. While at the beginning of the relationship between the two is extremely tense and both reject the engagement, they discover in the course of action that they secretly still feel something for each other. The situation is complicated by the fact that Ranma, his father and other characters have fallen into an enchanted sources and since then a curse is upon them, which they transformed into a different shape when in contact with cold water. So Ranma (hence the suffix "1-of-2") and his father turned into a girl in a panda bear, and only with hot water, the effect can be reversed.    As the story progresses, more and more characters appear, which have a relationship with Ranma and Akane or want to build, so that the two are constantly involved in fights.

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