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  • Genres:
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The humorous series tells the story of adventures, with frightening frequency of falling on two old friends who last season began to live together. Cohabitation became possible after the divorce of women with their husbands. In the end Chelsea moved in with a friend, and the house Raven became her temporary home. By the beginning of the 2nd season of the heroine continue to live together, which often have domestic problems, but it is completely satisfied with their children. Booker and Nia often use Chelsea's kindness to get what their mom usually forbids. In turn, Levi-Chelsea's son-not only made friends with the twins, but also managed to find a common language with Raven who understands him. All heroes already know about an unusual gift of the hostess of the house. Sometimes her visions, of which the woman finds out something about his future or the fate of other people. The secret had to disclose because of the ability of the mother moved Booker inherited. The first series of the new season begins with his visions. The guy finds out that during a trip to the city his mother will be kidnapped bag of money. He does not have time to warn her, so asks for help from research Institutes and Levi. Together they try to prevent theft.

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