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Original Title: Revenge
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC
Creators: Mike Kelley
Language: English
Description: Grayson family, which owns a huge Corporation, decides to hang the blame for the organization of the plane crash on his friend David Clarke, Amanda's father. After David's arrest, his daughter gets to a shelter, which suffers all sorts of humiliation, eustochia her soul and filling the mind only one desire for revenge. When Amanda reached the age of majority, she returned to his native town under an assumed name, Emily, as the hero from the novel by Alexandre Dumas, begins to take revenge on the family that destroyed her world. Emily's plans include the destruction of Grayson's financial machine, as well as their complete surrender. To help the girl comes an unknown millionaire. David Clark once helped this person to succeed, so 40% of the shares of all companies owned by Amanda. Owning wealth, Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) starts from the inside to destroy the Grayson Corporation…

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