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Original Title: Review
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Comedy Central
Creators: Andrew Daly
Language: English
Description: The series "Cloak and Dagger" tells the story of a complicated relationship between two completely different people. A girl named Tandy grew up in a wealthy neighborhood and got used to luxury. She's modest and intelligent. After the sudden death of her parents, she begins to suffer from panic attacks and discovers a completely unusual ability. It turns out, Tandy can create special light daggers, with the help which struggles with evil.Young Tyrone also has supernatural powers. It can absorb people and plunge them into terrible darkness. Such a gift in the hands of an inexperienced young man can create a lot of problems for others. Realizing how dangerous it is for people, Tyrone tries not to get close to anyone. He is poor and lonely, but everything changes when Tandy and Tyrone meet.young people understand Pretty quickly that they are soul mates. He is irresistibly drawn to each other, but there are so many contradictions in this relationship. Tandy's rich, her environment can't accept Tyrone. The young man is too closed to openly Express their emotions.they also have very different abilities. And if Tandy can only help people, then Tyrone sometimes loses control of his own forces, doing terrible things. However, all these contradictions do not matter, because the guys fall in love with each other.their relationship interferes and boyfriend Tandy Liam, having criminal manners. Now, when these two constantly intersect, the situation is completely confused. Tyrone's parents are working tirelessly to give him a good education, and the young man himself is a fierce fight against evil. Teaming up with Tandy, he can achieve much greater greatness, but the feelings interfere with the main character to think sensibly. Their Alliance could result in the creation of a superhero team, the most powerful in the world. However, if the guys do not find a common language, they will start a bloody war with each other, and then no one can stay away from the confrontation.

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