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Original Title: Review
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Comedy Central
Creators: Andrew Daly
Language: English
Description: The main characters of the series "Runaways" are ordinary, at first glance, teenagers. Here only parents of the children lead the criminal group the pride, which consists of supervillains. Pride controls criminal business and has many branches around the world.Genius Alex, who all his life wanted to benefit the world, is forced to say goodbye to his desires and plans for the future. His parents lead a mafia grouping and are considered among the most powerful members the Pride lands. However, Alex doesn't want anything to do with crime. He decides to escape, gathering a team of like-minded people.among Alex's associates is a strange girl Nico, whose parents-wizards betrayed humanity for the sake of immortality. With an independent character, Nico has long revealed a magical ability that can help her defeat her parents.Beauty Gertrude is also forced to join the group of Fugitives, because her parents are criminals of international scale. They hide from persecution by traveling through space and time. The girl feels lonely, abandoned by everyone, so the Fugitives become a real family for her.Adults who learn of their children's escape become enraged. They expected to pass on to the younger generation their knowledge, their unlimited power, and instead have to put up with the rebellion.having Decided that this is a temporary problem, the villains are trying to get the kids back, setting them on the right path. However, the guys definitely do not intend to become bad. They desperately hide and thwart plans the Pride lands.all this leads to the fact that relatives begin to fight and compete with each other. Sooner or later Alex, Nico and Gertrude will have to face their parents face to face. Their battle will be bloody, it will forever turn the idea of both sides of the world. But will fathers be able to kill their own children when their power is on the map? Will children be able to sacrifice their mother's love for the sake of the ghostly common good?

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