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John Tavener — CIA agent, who wants to save the world from another nuclear crisis. It is about his adventures will be discussed in the series "Patriot". One day John learns that Iran is going to buy up all available nuclear weapons in the world, becoming one of the most dangerous powers. Of course, a true patriot can not allow such a development. That is why John takes up the prevention of a global nuclear conflict, using thoughtful legend to work under cover.rnhe takes a job in a modest company that is engaged in the construction of the pipeline through the state of Milwaukee. A handsome, well-educated young man seems like a black sheep among the local hard workers. They quickly suspect that John arrived in Milwaukee for a reason. However, the true purpose of his mission, hardly anyone could have imagined.rnthe Man plans from his unusual cover to watch Iranian agents in the United States, who conclude multimillion-dollar deals. His mission is to film the deal and report it to his superiors. However, in the case of Tawney constantlyrnrninterfering with others. John suddenly have friends in the new workplace, and even the love interest of the protagonist, prevents him from thinking sensibly.rnWhen the mission is at its peak, the man suddenly faces the consequences of post-traumatic syndrome. The ghosts of the old occupational injuries catch up with the main character all of a sudden, making him the Professor. He can not control the actions of his body, and then there is also the authorities satisfied with a real mess.rnas a result, an elaborate legend goes to hell, and the world is on the verge of a global nuclear crisis. John is trying to stop the disaster by all means, but because of the problems falling on him, like a cornucopia, even the most elaborate plans of the hero, turn into a real farce. Now, to save future generations of Americans, John will have to risk his life, forgetting about his personal interests in this difficult matter.

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