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Axel Borgen is an ordinary guy from Norway who has always dreamed of starting his own business. But suddenly in his life there is an event, because of which he has to leave his home and leave his family and friends. So Axl moves to Asia and stays there for the next 20 years. During this time, once a simple guy becomes an influential entrepreneur and even to some extent achieves its goal. But finally, after so much time, the man decides to return to his homeland. Besides, he connected with it ambitious plans for extricating one is very important for the company from bankruptcy.

so Axl arrives there, where he spent his childhood. Some old friends are very happy that the man returned. They are happy to give him a hug and a warm smile. But not everything is as good as it might seem at first glance. There are some locals who still remember the hero of his escape many years ago. As it turned out, then he was accused of murder. The trial lasted a very long time, but in the end the guy was acquitted. However, even the judge's decision did not allow some people to be convinced of Axl's decency, and now they decide to conduct their own investigation.

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