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The last part ended quite dramatically. Rick C-137 was in an intergalactic prison, where green beetles are trying to find out from him the formula for the invention of the interspatial gun. At the beginning of season 3 we are witnessing one such effort – the bug-the agent penetrates into the memories of Rick and deceit tries to find out the necessary information. But he will not succeed-our crazy scientist already has a certain plan in his head, acting on which he will be able to destroy the intergalactic government. And while he's fighting the enemy somewhere on the margins of the cosmos, humans are living a difficult period – the bugs take over the planet and now people are sort of Pets for the aliens. Jerry does not bother much about what is happening – he managed to get a strange position in the company of beetles, where he gets a new promotion every day! And even if he does not even know what exactly he is doing, it is much more important that he is generously paid. However, the currency pills, makes people submissive. It seems that everything has come to an end, but Rick and Morty many more times will go on a crazy adventure! And for that, the grandchildren of the C-137 will do everything they can-they dig up the corpse of a real grandfather, where lies an unregistered model gun and take a step into the unknown, hoping to get Rick out of prison!

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