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The action of the documentary film takes us two hundred and fifty million years ago, when our planet Earth had a completely different kind and organization, strikingly different from our modern understanding of it. It was a world from another solar system. The continents studied today at that time were United into one, colossal area of land called Pangea. This layer was surrounded by pantalassa-an immense oceanic formation. However, about two million years ago, this hegemon continent began to split into pieces. Then formed and take the form of other oceans and pools. From the split layers there are unprecedented volumes and heights of rocks. Over the years, seven other unique continents have been gradually separated from what remains of the old supercontinent. Together with the narrator of the narrative, we are convinced that the environment is full of clues and undeniable facts that point to the processes of creation of our universe. We are introduced to a Professor named Iain Stewart, properly and reasonably reveal the secrets of the universe in the framework of the four parts of the films from this cycle. Following the scientist's thoughts, we will reveal and analyze the meanings of the brightest symbols of continental nature. Let us look at the essence of the foundations, which are the key to economic power and wealth. Let us touch upon the theme of evolution and feel the rhythm in which the course of the history of the human race changed...

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