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Original Title: River Monsters
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Animal Planet
Language: English
Description: Continues an unusual TV show, which attracted millions of fans around the world, in which the famous fisherman and doctor of biological Sciences Jeremy Ueid travels to different parts of our planet, collecting stories of local residents about the terrible creatures from nearby waters. Moreover, quite often the host of the show "river monsters", risking his own safety, tried to fish this or that fish appearing in the heard stories. In the program it develops gradually - at first we learn from the survivors or victims of the violent attacks of the people the details of the tragedy. They reveal the details of what happened in numerous interviews. Then Jeremy meets with a number of other conservation biologists that can tell us about the manner of behavior of the specific form discussed in episode being. This detailed approach allows you to make the most accurate assessment of the incident, while helping to identify the real attacker. After that Jeremy and tries to hunt the creature, which became the Central character of the issue. In the first episode of season 8, a man gets acquainted with the legends of sea snakes, and then tries to prove or disprove their existence, and then we are waiting for no less entertaining stories!

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