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British adventure fantasy television series, the plot of which is covered with myths and legends about Robin Loxley, the famous noble leader of the robbers who lived in Sherwood forest near Nottingham. After all, this young man, chosen by the hunter-Hern, the ancient deity of the Celts, was destined to become a defender of justice and the guardian of peace in the lands of Albion. That is why the brave protagonist and his faithful companions constantly have to fight with greedy nobles and creatures much more dangerous and insidious, such as powerful sorcerers and mysterious followers of the dark forces. Despite lurking at every step danger, despicable betrayal, black magic and other troubles, the bold forest warriors are always ready to repulse the enemy, of their true bravery and courage to overcome any difficulties on its way. But do not forget that in addition to exceptional skills with the bow and talents of the Pathfinder, was the legendary Robin hood has always cared about the welfare of the common people, always helping the poor, what they have enjoyed well-deserved love and respect.

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