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Blu and pearl-urban birds living in Rio de Janeiro and firsthand familiar with civilization. After the couple had three Chicks, the pearl began to think more and more about changing their place of residence and moving to the jungle. It is understandable: the city is full of dangers, with each of which restless Chicks and strive to get acquainted closer. Well, in addition, it is not appropriate for intelligent parrots to live next to people and look up to them – because the real home of every bird is in the wild. Excited about the idea of his girlfriend Darling did not come, but to ignore the interests of the entire family also could not, so had to move to the Amazon jungle. Pearl was glad to return home, the children literally fell in love with a new place, but Blu was not happy. Jungle inhabited by desperate birds, with whom he was not used to deal with, and full of dangers, which is not ready to urban parrot. And besides, the Dear father-in-law from him, it seems, is not happy.

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