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Original Title: Rogue
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Audience
Creators: Matthew Parkhill
Language: English
Description: An action-Packed drama television series telling the life story of a woman named grace, an undercover police officer. She infiltrates the gang known criminal Jimmy, who heads one of the most reputable and serious criminal groups in the city, collecting evidence and preparing to take him in the act. However, the sudden death of her son forces to disrupt a carefully planned investigation, bringing a deeply conspiratorial agent out of the game. Tormented by grief and guilt, the mother unsuccessfully tries to find the killers of her child, not believing that this could happen by accident, as one of the main versions of the investigation says. She connects the tragedy with her professional activities and decides to leave the hard work for the safety of her husband and daughter. But suddenly in her possession are some details of what happened four months later killed, having some affinities with that of her son, which all this time has not moved with"a dead point". Obsessed with the desire to find the attackers and fully avenge their grief, she makes a difficult decision to resume his deadly task and returns to his old friend – the criminal boss, continues to expand its influence and a lot of sympathetic strong-willed woman, which diligently portrays in front of him a high-class police officer. After all, the only way she will be able to access the information of interest to her, unaware of the price that will have to pay for it.

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