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Original Title: RWBY
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: YouTube,Rooster Teeth
Creators: Monty Oum
Language: English
Description: Superheroes are not yet extinct on our planet! Despite the fact that the world has caught up with great danger, yet there are those who are willing to challenge even the most terrifying darkness. The focus of the plot of this anime is a true confrontation of darkness, the evil that consumes all that is on the planet. This ancient horror is doing its best to absorb as much space as possible. What is its purpose, what makes this darkness - no one knows. What is known is that the beings who come into our world, delivering a huge inconvenience simple peaceful people. Of course, to protect the light side of the world stand true warriors, mages, outstanding martial arts. But as soon as an incredibly gifted heroes able to take the most insane actions, capable of putting an end to the eternal struggle between good and evil. Main characters - representatives of combat school Beacon. Four of them, and each of them corresponds to a specific color, possessing unique skills and outstanding ability. They are able to fight back the looming forces of darkness that are every day becoming more and more formidable power!

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