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Original Title: Sıla
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: atv
Creators: Yasin Uslu,Gül Oğuz
Description: Drama television series Power. Homecoming was created by Turkish filmmakers in 2006 and tells the story of a girl who was forcibly married off to a city with centuries-old customs and clan power. The picture was taken by Director Roar Oguz written by SEMA Ergenekon, Alema Canpoli. The duration of one episode is 40 minutes. The tape has 158 series. nnThe plot of the dramatic television series Power. Returning home is dedicated to the fate of the girl from the poor seven When the Force was 3 years old, the parents gave it to the capital, people with wealth, because they were not able to support the child themselves and decided that in Istanbul the girl would be better. Indeed, the girl lived, not knowing the worries, adoptive parents loved her very much and took care of his upbringing and education. Force made plans for the future, dreamed of marriage and, of course, with its attractiveness and education could not remain without a groom. But life decided otherwise. All of this she had to forget. The reason was her own brother, whom she did not even know. He, like his parents, lived in her hometown of Mardin. He had to fall in love with a girl from a very rich family, but because he was no match for her, he just stole her to get married. nnAzad had achieved his goal, but according to an unbreakable ancient custom, his sister had to be married to his bride's brother, otherwise Azad was waiting for death. The force was brought to Mardin and married. Her European habits have come into violent collision with local customs. Right here the woman couldn't even just go out alone, not to mention free communication. Force was lucky with my husband, Boran always tried to protect the woman before the elders of the clan when she broke the customs. Here with it it was strict, and for the slightest offense of the guilty the severe punishment, up to death waited. It was especially difficult for women. Some even preferred suicide.That's how Boran's first wife died. He did not consider that cruelty is so necessary, but knew that arguing with the traditions of family is not easy. Over time, the Power began to better understand her husband and in her soul is full of rejection prevailed lighter feeling to the Borane. nnWatch online drama television series Power. Return home on our website. Exciting viewing and have a good rest!

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