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At 14 Usagi Tsukino meets the talking cat Luna, who revealed to her that her true identity is Sailor Moon, warrior of love and justice, which is intended to save the earth from evil forces. Luna asks Usagi, to set out on the search for the moon princess. Together they are to compete against a powerful opponent, the Dark Kingdom, that the earth and all living things threatens it. Only the Moon Princess Sailor Moon can help to defeat the evil at last. The Dark Kingdom appeared long ago on Earth and then destroyed the kingdom of Silver Millennium. Shortly before Sailor Moon were great love sent Prince Endymion in the future, their protectors, Luna, Artemis and Sailor Moon, where they were born again. Usagi soon finds out that she is the moon princess and only she has the power to save the Earth.    Main characters of Sailor Moon    Sailor Moon aka Usagi Tsukino / Serena Tsukino (voiced in English by Katie Griffin) is the protagonist of the series. Until she is revealing her true identity, Usagi lives a carefree life and has always left a lot of love, support and understanding for all. At the beginning they had difficulties to turn into the heroine Sailor Moon because they just wanted to be a normal girl. Later, however, they get used to their task.    Tuxedo Mask aka Mamoru Chiba / Darien Shields (Vince Corazza) is Prince Endymion in truth, but may since a car accident in his childhood, in which he lost his parents, not remember. He senses when something is wrong with Usagi and dresses up as Tuxedo Mask to protect them.    Sailor Mercury aka Amy Mizuno (Karen Bernstein) is a 14-year-old girl from Serena's class acts always engrossed in their books. She is highly intelligent and transforms into Sailor Mercury Warrior for water and wisdom.    Sailor Mars aka Raye Hino (Katie Griffin) lives with her grandfather in a temple and leads the life of a so-called Miko, a Shinto priestess. She has a supernatural sense of evil and transforms into Sailor Mars, warrior for fire and passion.    Sailor Jupiter aka Makoto Kino / Lita Kino (Susan Roman) also goes in Serena's class. She is very strong and unusually large in contrast to their classmates. It transforms into Sailor Jupiter Warrior thunder and strength.    Sailor Venus Minako Aino aka (Stephanie Morgenstern) is a dreamer and spent some time working alone as Sailor V. She transforms into Sailor Venus, warrior of love and beauty.    Sailor Chibi Moon Chibiusa aka / Rini (Sugar Lyn Beard) is the future daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. With the help of Usagi, she learned to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.    Sailor Pluto aka Setsuna Meioh / Trista Meioh (Sabrina Grdevich) is a mysterious woman who appears as Sailor Pluto in appearance, warrior for time and place.    Sailor Uranus aka Haruka Tenoh / Amara Tenoh (Sarah Lafleur) is older than the other warriors a year and looks masculine. It transforms into Sailor Uranus, warrior of heaven and earth.    Sailor Neptune aka Michiru Kaioh / Michelle Kaioh (Barbara Radecki) is a talented violinist and painter. It transforms into Sailor Neptune Warrior for oceans and acceptance.    Sailor Saturn Hotaru Tomoe aka (Jennifer Gould) is a lonely girl and the daughter of a mad scientist. After she was able to deal with their past, they can transform into Sailor Saturn Warrior of death and rebirth.    Background information on Sailor Moon    The anime series Sailor Moon based on the eponymous manga Japanese illustrator Naoko Takeuchi. Draw the threads of the squadrons also depend on the action of the manga.    In addition to the highly successful anime series was announced in July 2012 that there will be a reboot of the series called Sailor Moon Crystal, which is expected to be broadcast for the first time in the year, 2014. Sailor Moon Hazardous flowers: Also, Sailor Moon can still decorate with three feature films: Sailor Moon Snow Princess Kaguya and Sailor Moon - journey to the land of dreams. (LM)

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