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Original Title: Salamander
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: één
Creators: Ward Hulselmans
Description: The second season of action-series about a daring bank robbery. Sunday afternoon in Brussels penetrate bank robbers who opened about sixty six cells labeled in advance. As it turned out, it was a personal storage politicians and secular personalities. Of course, on the first working day of the week workers found many missing, but police say the owners of the cells did not. Who would have thought that the loss of such a respectable number of important personal belongings will be without special attention! However, the real reason for restrained behavior lies in the fact that the secular person does not want to flaunt their past, which are closely connected the stolen jewelry, money and personal belongings. On the hand of one of the detectives gets such a strange thing, and he decides to take the opportunity to find out what really happened that Sunday afternoon, and why investigators were suspended after the robbery from the case and turned informant killed. Mysterious and inexplicable things continue to occur with surprising regularity! What will be next? We learn in the second season of the project "Salamander". Enjoy watching.

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