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Sometimes in the world there is such an all-consuming love that for her really ready for anything. But unfortunately not every relationship has the right to exist. So unlucky one pair, which was lucky enough to meet in the nineteenth century. Only once having seen each other-these two realized that they can not live without each other, but it is not so easy to actually come to terms with the fact that due to the difference in social status, you have to accept the fact that you will never be near the person you love and want to belong to. the Girl is the daughter of a rather poor woman and is forced to live in a monastery by the instruction of her mother. A man, on the contrary, comes from a noble family, so he is destined to marry a noble person with whom he should be happy. Yes, only how can you consider yourself happy when in fact you do not love the person you have chosen for you, with all your body and soul, you want to be next to a completely different person and you do not even know how to properly you should act in such a situation. Only this is what awaits these two and if fate give them a chance though a little to be happy?

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