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Original Title: Scene of the Crime
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ORF,ARD,SRF 1
Creators: Gunther Witte,Günter Rohrbach
Description: Spencer Transmar was quite a famous football player. However, the injury received during the game changed his life forever. An even bigger shock for him was the death of his friend. Now he's lost everything that made him happy. Soon he was offered a new position – Manager of players. The man agrees and soon enough to become almost a mother for many players. Spensor cares about them, trying to knock out the management of the best possible conditions of contracts for the players. Moreover, he is always ready to support the players financially and morally. The hero realized that if he can not play himself, he must achieve the best possible conditions for those who are able to go on the field. Now it has become his new calling, from which he does not intend to give up. He, of course, would like to go out on the field himself, but even modern medicine is powerless in his case. How long will he be Manager? And you will not find any one who wish to get him out of the way?

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