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We have already got acquainted with the projects of the air force channel, based on the events taking place during and after the disappearance of the dinosaurs. At the moment, the creators offer the audience to go on an exciting journey into the underwater world, which is rich not only in beautiful vegetation. At the depth of the world's oceans and seas inhabited by horrible monsters that have become the most dangerous predators of all existing mammals. All that falls into their jaws, will never see the white light – a few rows of sharp teeth and incredible strength allow you to firmly grasp the prey.During the journey, the brave divers will be equipped with a kind of protection from marine life, but miniature electric shock batons, chain mail and other equipment acts as children's toys compared to ten-meter giants who want to profit sudden guests.Dangerous and exciting, it is such epithets can be described proposed to view the documentary creation of the air force. Fascinating dive to the bottom of the world's oceans will look into the eyes of incredible creatures, not previously seen by man. Do you want to experience the thrill and get acquainted with the most colorful frames from professionals? Then sit back and get ready to see the real storm of the seas-menacing, predatory creatures!

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