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  • Drama
The series"sea wolf" (Sea Wolf) tells the story of a difficult life on a whaling ship and the struggle for a place in the sun. Humphrey van-Weyden is a writer who went on a ferry to visit a friend. So there were circumstances, but the ship was shipwrecked. The young writer was lucky, and he was rescued from the icy water. Thus, Humphrey was on a whaling ship. The captain of the ship was Wolf Larsen is a tough guy, who has his Outlook on life. He believed that survival of the fittest, and in this struggle for a place under the sun there is nothing wrong.Team Wolf Larsen goes for the skins of seals. Humphrey no one asks what he wants, and he is not happy with the idea to go sailing with such a captain. After all, Larsen is the true embodiment of the monster. He controls everything that happens on the ship, down to the little things, nothing will hide from his cunning and predatory gaze. Larsen considers himself the strongest, and therefore, he must obey. Humphrey van Wade will have to choose between obeying this cruel man or dying.

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